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  • UtilitiesUtilities
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  • Equipment RentalEquipment Rental
  • AgricultureAgriculture
  • Creative Art / PhotographyCreative Art / Photography
  • FashionFashion
  • EducationEducation
  • EngineeringEngineering
  • EnviromentEnviroment
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  • Food Service & CateringFood Service & Catering
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Shop for Groceries, Food, General Merchandise, Hardware and Refreshments amongst other things and have them delivered directly to you.

  • Choose the service you want

    We are always on call and available to you. Wherever, Whenever you decide to travel, ship, request a delivery or need a professional service person.  ZOCTU is the most reliable method of getting you the services you need, products delivered or getting you safely to a desired destination.

  • ZOCTU Hiring at your finger tips

    Hire a professional service for your business, home or office.  Ship products for stores or stock from a warehouse and deliver important parcels and documents immediately.  ZOCTU is not just another Mobile hailing App. We focus on logistics and always pride ourselves on results.

  • Just Follow the demand!

    As a ZOCTU Service Provider use the heat map tool to direct you to areas where there is more demand for services. For example: One provider may uses the heat map to examine where the greatest demand for pool rides are in parts of the city.   Another provider can use the heat map to review airport traffic patterns during week.

Try ZOCTU Today!

Enjoy the liberty to choose your payment method from Cash, Credit Card / Debit Card or even through our In-App Wallet!

Why We Are The Best

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Enjoy the liberty to choose your payment method from Cash, Credit Card / Debit Card or even through our In-App Wallet!

  • Multiple Languages

    Experience the ZOCTU App in multiple languages! Whether it is English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swahili, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic (R2L), Russian, Japanese or other languages of your choice!

  • Multiple Currencies

    You can choose from multiple currency options  We support many world currencies.

  • One Login for all Services

    Experience the advantage of a single login for multiple services including Rides, Deliveries, Services and Shopping!

  • Daily Needs Catered for

    Every daily need can be catered for through the ZOCTU App. Choose and hire any service professional from a Plumber, Electrician, Massage Therapist, Doctor, Vet, to an Account and many more...

  • Instant Location Tracking

    Get exact details about your Service Provider is in real time on the ZOCTU App.  Track their location so that you know how long you will be waiting for them to arrive.