How to Register

The ZOCTU Platform provides E-Jobs / E-Services, E-Commerce and E-transportation solutions that are premised on what we term as the “Sharing Economy”. We focus on connecting and matching service providers and consumers by providing them tools that foster trust, promote formal / electronic transactions and related efficiency payment systems. By balancing demand and supply using platform driven metrics, the consumer market is able to achieve predictable costs across the board, while the service / product providers enjoy increased revenues.

All services and products are rated at completion using a simple streamlined workflow. Our Customers have access to greater savings through the aggregation of collective and targeted spend /buying power on services and products, while also attaining value far beyond lower prices. This is achieved via analytics and access to a vast verified pool of rated service and product providers, thereby leading to increased productivity, time savings and convenience. We facilitate our service providers to reach a growing user group that translates into greater and quicker access to the market, thereby translating into increased earnings. 

Registration Process

Upload the following documents to get started:

  • National identification card
  • Driving License
  • Business License and Tax Forms, Etc
  • Professional Certificates
  • Vehicle registration document 
  • Proof of insurance subscription 
  • Employment agreement if driver is different from owner 
  • 2 normal size pictures 
  • Smart phone version, IOS (above 8.0), Android (above 6.0)

Service Providers: Please see FAQs
- FAQ1

Store Owners: Please see FAQs
- FAQ 2

Users: Please see FAQs
- FAQ 3